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Carl Haag

   Carl Haag was a preeminent 19th century watercolorist and traveler, one of the most famous Orientalists of his day. He was the first artist to paint the Dome of The Rock in 1859 at the request of Queen Victoria and with the permission of the Pasha of Egypt. He did so under heavily armed guard and his very life was in danger.

   In addition he chronicled the Bedouins throughout five deserts and pioneered several watercolor techniques as well. He represents the best of the Orientalists, combining skill and artistic ability with a real love of the people of the Middle East and the desire to accurately record them. Enduring many hardships and adventures he provided us with an archival record of the Middle East 140 years ago.

   Catherine Allison and I have written an article on Carl Haag that we presented as a paper at the July 2003 conference of ASTENE in Oxford, England. ASTENE stands for Association for the study of travel in Egypt and the Near East. In addition we are searching for a publisher of this article so that the story of Carl Haag's work and life will reach a wider audience.

Visit the ASTENE website for more information.

Bachist, a Howazeen Bedawee and Mabzookh, his Little Son, by Carl Haag. Watercolor, 1857.
Carl Haag
Bedouin from the Sahara Desert making Enquiries at Giza, by Carl Haag. Watercolor, 1859.
The Sphynx of Geezeh with the Pyramid of Mykerinos, by Carl Haag. Watercolor.
Hassan Ben Moosa, a bedowee of the Howareen Tribe, by Carl Haag. Watercolor.
Fatime of Abukir, Portrait of an Egyptian Fellaheen Girl,by Carl Haag. Watercolor, 1858
Greek postcard using a Carl Haag painting of the Acropolis.
Beyond Jordan by, Carl Haag. Watercolor, 1887
Mecca pilgrims returning to Cairo, by Carl Haag. Watercolor, 1894.
Nassan the Nubian, by Carl Haag. Watercolor, 1858.
Coffee Bearer, by Carl Haag. Watercolor.
An important message, the entrance to Said's Manderah in Cairo, by Carl Haag. Watercolor, 1886.
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Detail from The Holy Rock, by Carl Haag. Watercolor, 1891.

Many of these images are courtesy of Mathaf Gallery

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